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Do you love helping people meet their fitness goals! MFM can help you increase your client base. Don’t search for clients. GPS technology makes it easy for clients to search for you. Once a client reaches out to you… all you need to do is respond with a like. Clients show up in your match card.
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Here’s how MFM can help you! Clients search for you based on their goals and your profile. Signing up as a Certified Personal Trainer/Online Coach can help increase the number of lives you change through health and fitness and indirectly increase your revenue. While you are training clients, working out, running errands, potential clients are looking for you. Talk about efficient! One of the biggest hurtles as trainer is finding new clients as well as marketing to people in local areas. Those two hurtles MFM knocks down for you. The GPS technology with MFM will match you with potential clients in your surrounding areas. Making a profile on MFM is your time as a health professional to market yourself. We suggest you post a pictures of yourself and share via chat client transformations to show potential clients your success. The average cost of a one-hour training session in the United States is $60- $90.
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The cost for a one-year profile subscription on MFM for online trainers/personal trainers is $24.99 a month which is $299 a year. If you signed one client for one session per week for a year you would make a $4,020 profit from a $24.99 dollar a month profile on MFM! Just imagine if you signed a new client every month on MFM, the earning potential is endless all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.MFM offers a variety of subscription options to meet your needs.
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MFM is an app dedicated to connecting people in all aspects of fitness. Whether finding love, changing lives through fitness, or finding a gym friend, MFM is here to help you strike a fitness match!
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